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Monday, June 12, 2006

sch reopened

sien sien sien .. this is my conclusion on my 1st day sch reopened .. nyiak sai reli !!!!!!!!!!!!!! akS ! 1st day alr annoounced that exam is coming on ogos ... puiks .. wan die pls .. report card not yet get , exam papers are coming back ... exam is coming .. everything  rush rush rush .......... breathless .. aiya ... never give up .. ?? who knows ... stduy hard play hard .. i enjoy my 2 weeks holiday .. but b4 that , i promised to enjoy till the end but once sch reopen , 4 mhs left , to work hard till the end too ~~ lol ~ this is life ...


im quite ... bler .. duno how to express my feeling complicated . i think i did the best in that papers , but , quite motionless when tat woman said like tat . erm .. yap , i agree , tat is not good enuf , but tat is wat can i do for the best i could so far .. keep on improve is my goal .. who is born to be a genius ? i hate ppl judge a human with this attitude .. jiak sai .. i just wan to be humble . mute . live peace ^^ ~ im greedy , im hoping , im expecting too .. but i have my way to cool down myself when i met failure .. its ok bcoz no 1 is perfect ~~~~~~~~~ DO THE BEST ~


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