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Saturday, June 3, 2006

phiew ~ still pending

jz saw my fren's nick , next monday is suffering day begin , well my suffering days will be begin on next next monday too .. aRGH ~ finally , thought back , i pass 1.5 yr in my sch .. huh ? how im survive from it a ? i not reli rmb wat was happened when the 1st day , but the feelin on the first was still here . shud i enter herE ? i shudnt . im still regret . but if i could choose again , sure i wont choose it again . but , i think the probability i do it again , yes . many many other factors influenced me .. i doubted . wat shud i do ? whr shud i go ? when shud i do ? how shud i do ? sigh .. still many question marks .. WAKS! still blur , still confusing , still no idea , still no certain directions ..  well .. listening my favourite radio program .. cant think other thing ~ to be continue then ..


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