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Sunday, June 11, 2006


aihhh... the stress is coming near n near ... feeling unbreathable ... -.- sudenly rmb my fren studying in kk .. din realized at all anything during holidya ..reli a great holiday .. i miss my exclassmates a lot .. haha .. duno y .. but they are all really energized , competeable .. they r so so strong in stduy .. it is quite fun if studied together with them ..  good competers ... erm .. maybe i can undertsood their stands when they r so great b4 , now , n future they r big trees and im small grass only .. but they do not look me down but actually they r protecting me / us below them .. sigh .. it seems i cannot find such population in my sch now .. im hoping my coming uni environment would be look lilke how ... im so desire the day is coming .. desiring that it will be another new thing in my life


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