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Friday, June 2, 2006

i found a ppl jus like me ^^

well.. im just like u right now .. haha .. i think i wont give up to go to medical field lo if i cannot enter local1 .. i think now most ppl who would like to 'eat gov rice' so they will go to f6 lor , coz all local uni only accept f6 , instead of matrix .  n now i had no regret n nth i could/have to regret too coz i left 6 mths to go .. lOL .. im just pity for those coming generation who their family could not support them to go private u in medical fields n then they have to hide their talent in this field .. how pity is that .. just like me , b4 f6 , i reli not confidence to go to private to take the medical sub coz tat tution fee aa ... waKS.. i try to count , i might not be able to earn back those money to my family .. lol .. but wat to do.. i bet with myself . goin to alevel o foundation , n goin to my way . but if my foundation or alvl fail , then how , cant go in local u then . but if stpm , if i could not go in med field , then go to be a teacher lor .. o other lor .. still save .. but i think i wont .. coz have a goal in life better than doubting ..  wat i learnt in this 1 yr f6 is blif in urself , not to listen to ur mates who trying to seduce u , reli have to be strength n not influenced easily by the others .  i duno why is it , maybe we r not close enuf , so im still aware them . but some of them , it is reli so obvious . they might try to persuade u not to study so hard , this n that , n then they did what they advised u not to do .. haha .. luckily , im strong enuf . or maybe they envy ? hmm .. im just do my best , keep encourage all of them to study hard , keep give them guidelines ,  lending homeworks for those who r weak but hardwork , keep teach to my big competers/enemies/ppl who dislike me . i made a wish , i just wan to live peace in f6 . i did my best , nomatter i fail o pass , tats my efforts . marks would never certified me .. but if can get good mark then good lar .. haha


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