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Monday, May 4, 2015

I live my way (8)_Krabi 2015 YOLO

We bought ATV + water rafting package at 1900 baht. Pick up from krabi to the place and return. 10 am - 5 pm .

For water rafting you can choose the extremity of water rafting. 5/7/9km. Play at own risk. It can kill. I swear not to do water rafting from my last trip in Sabah, I did again, guess I wont do it again in my life unless I wanna kill myself.

You need to top up on site if you want to go for 7/9 km , 400 baht. Oh, you dont have to raft indeed, there are two men raft for you, you just have to hold the rope and keep yourself survive. Again, play at own risk.

The transfer from hotel to the site took about 2 hours. Well fast & furious in Krabi , the driver is professional driver we guess .

Start your day with great breakfast

 well prepared sun shield LOLZ
 fully covered with sun play 130 spf +++

wise choice to be fully covered
Dont get sun burn .
Sun bath and tan should get from the beach not this activity

 imagine more than 100 boats .... the water was from the damp
 pre-game .. lol ... beat the heat
p/s: drink sensibly
drink sensibly x2
 after game , before lunch

 ATV one hour after lunch.
again, play at own risk.
I was almost under the ATV
 cant handle ...

#macamyes #yolo
back to aonang
sabai time!!
 this massage shop is slightly expensive compared to other. 100baht more . worth trying.

dinner time #junglekitchen
must visit this local authentic dinner. open from 10-2pm fro lunch and 4-10pm for dinner.
come earlier as while stocks last LOL
value for money and absolutely thai cuisine.
what you see is what you get.

 must eat basil leaves with meat (sorry all pork sold out, so all dishes only chicken or seafood)
 morning glory
 tom yam!!!

 som tum! papaya salad
 pad thai
 what you see is what you get.
good night end with singha


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