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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New journey begins

I think it has been some time that I try to be conservative to talk about my new job .. I joined a MNC not long ago .. not many of my friends knew about it as well except really intimate one

Fill full of uncertainties when I quit from previous job, fear and lost , lack of feeling of securities , emptiness in life .. etc

I have one two seconds where I struggled where to go , eventually I followed my heart and let god leads me to where I belong , which is here .

It is a job that people keep encourage me to go for it a year ago , yet also people ask me to think twice before go for it .

It is a good experience and exploration, so far I am happy with everything, working environment is good, people are friendly, opportunities to travel in and out of M'sia, everything is just nice . Give and take .

I just recently told two three friends of mine that money is never your 1st concern when you have a mind of changing job, of course, there must be slightly better offer if you decide to join new company.

Besides better money, job advancement, your passion and aspiration are the power drive you behind. Without passion, double or triple pay will not keep you long in the new environment . It will never last. You will feel hatred eventually because you realize you are just blinded by the initial good money but you lose your quality life.

Yet, it does not mean you do not deserve such good figure of pay, because your value reflects your capability What a corporate has is money , and they want talent. They never stingy about pay, because you worth it . . When you ask for below average pay, people may lose confident in you and doubt about your capability.
Don't get me wrong that  I am encouraging you to ask for unreasonable high pay, but just about your market value, if they want you, they will talk to you. Don't be inferior , believe in yourself and follow your heart.

Money or job satisfaction, both are equally important. On top of that, life quality may take into consideration. I am contented because I own all at the moment , plus a group of lovely colleagues .



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