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Monday, August 20, 2007

it is so miracle

juzt attended to my fac 9 during last saturday night . overall .. ok lo .. not too good not too bad ... atleaz i had some "hasil" ..lolx .. but a bit wasting time n money in this function ... sigh


the nextday , sunday morning . i went for ccc's study guidance's training course ... another wasting time n money program ... quite bored .. but again i got some "hasil" ..  n i left earlier ~ so i cant stay with the "hasil" for long ..


conclusion , i got not bad "hasil" but i cant recall them alr ..


what is the "hasil" ? 2 leng zais ... muaahahahhahhaaha ... finally i saw there is still somthing UKM could compare to IPTS ... but too few .. haiz ... very hot sale lerr .... i hope meet them again n more of this species ... =p ....


too bad this blog cannot add photo ..i wanna upload my fac9 photo but failed !! aRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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