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Thursday, August 9, 2007

silent night n i was back

ehhem .. finally i can sit down n start my blog here ..


to9 .. ehem .. i shud said last9 [ 09.08.2007] was the 1st day of ukm pesta convo . n my senior was telling me there is fireworks . 

so tats all for ukm which i don feel interested bout it at all.


back to the day since i entered ukm .


ehem .. well .. it was the same as i expected .. sux enuf .


1 week of orientation , reli reli reli sux .. another nightmare in my life which i started to saw wat penisular's pigs were doing .


very long story .. only the last day i feel enjoy .. the 6 days ... will be shared soon ..


emm then start classes...haiz.. so lazy la .. long time didnt go to class then ..


but wats the difference is in sch , u have to wake up at 6 n go sch b4 7 , but uni , u wake up at 7 , go the earliest class is only at 8 . n the sun in penisula is rising a bit late than sabah .. so u wont feel lazy though it is 7 AM . but i still feel lazy lo coz im lazyworm ..keke


sudenli blank ..


jz feel so so bz although im more free compare to my frens ,who join pt [ pesta tanglung] , fac9 is coming then pasta convo which i don join any of it . next week jz hav my fac9 which date is not confirm yet .. then sunday will hav a training sien la .. haiz.. uni ppl owez do such boring things ..when i expose to the private colleges/unis ppl ???? local uni is reli reli bored !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n bodoh .. avday oso saw the pig population ..siens


ohya .. last fri9 i was having my com9 - college night . emm .. i paid RMxx .. then i got a t shirt , a nasi goreng n 1 small piece of egg , 1 prawn , 4 satays , 3 slices of honeydew .. n tats all .. haiz ..


but i watched the perfomance from UTAR students.. .wahsai .. tats wat i called normal human being lar... u can never see this kind of show in ukm , im guarantee .. how sad to hear that ..


n oso from korea .. so handsome oo.. few of them la .. hehe er ..sorry shud be 1 guy only . after tat i back home n the ending of com9 i duno n not reli wan to know . but i dont see the ppl i wan to see again since i saw him once during orientation . i even forgot his face


emm .. wat the difference i saw from ukm n sabah , the students / ppl / kids here r more clever lor ... in sabah , my f6 mates , majority were born in 1986 so they enter uni this yr . but here ukm , most of them , include me are 1987/ 88 / 89 de ..


so .. most of them didnt study remove class .. then they are from matric . n they seems , as chinese , easy to go into matric , while in sabah .. it is not fair for chinese lor .. no chance at all . haiz .. those 1989 more geng , pts student + skip remove + matric + cgpa > 3.8 + get famous course ... omg ............. wat a weird human .. but their faces so old than me lor .. haha .. study too much till lose of ages physically ..


this is a serious problem , which goverment shud take responsible .. n this is y sabahan will nv improve coz they let the ppl stay back in sbh but with low quality n high quantity .


tired ... to be continued








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