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Wednesday, October 4, 2006


im not sure is it because holiday too long , once again i have too much time to think other silly and nonsense things .. but i really so depress . i had prepare my exam n start revision one month ago and now i reopen my book like i never learn n study before ,how sad is ths ? f6 reli crazy man .. it is sux .. somemore today i feel my biology teacher very bias .. haiz .. once again i feel dissapointed .. why i work hard for so long but i didnt get any feedback . m i doing nothing ? i lost my direction and meaning to go forward .. it seems all are nothing . i dont know i jealous or the teacher really bias , but she didnt let me feel that my hard work comes to a feedback , and she is so subjektive . since i started give up and somemore she didnt give me any encouragement , i really choose to give up . sometimes it maybe comes to another better circumstance if we cannot stand with it . besides that , i did a big careless mistake today . i guilty and regret but i had learnt from it too .. not really feel very sad about that atleast i know what i did wrong and i realized that , sometimes , i really wonder , is it exam can judge somebody's future ? it might be yes , but not definitely yes .. life .. what's going on next ? ... i doubt ..


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