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Sunday, September 14, 2014

I live my way (6)_Star Cruise Superstar Libra_SawadeeKA_Day 1

September is a very busy month, a good month for Chinese wedding and not to forget my birthday month ~

I joined the trip organized by the company sport club, last year we went to Bangkok and this year we were given option to go local trip (Tioman Berjaya) or Koh Samui/Starcruise (Pg- THai- Pg).

I had to pay RM650 and the rest of the cost subsidized by company which included return trip bus coach to penang, day tour in Thai and meals.

The room that I stayed cost about RM 1.3k +/- according to fair or online booking (RM1.6k+/-), sometimes they do offer buy 1 free 1 during off peak season which is in Sept ( May to Oct is low season due to monsoon in Thai ).

View my porthole room(2nd cheapest but not the cheapest) below.

 At Penang Pier. 
I departed from PJ office at 730am and reached by 12pm , quite on time because it was Sunday.
  waiting the travel agent to check in for us..... us-ie

I am Libraian ~ <3 p="">

 we screamed when we checked our room .. lol Deck 2, lowest deck with porthole ... 
hahhahaa as expected
this is bathroom
 got hole not bad lar... 
some other rooms have no window and shared by 4 people 
we felt thankful and appreciated atleast we can see the seaview

  After check in, check out the available promotions from magazine, it is a duty free ship and they use RM , credit card is accepted. 
 just lay on bed also can place in order d ....
 less than 10 minutes on board ... lolz crazy spender me & my roommate
I boarded to the cruise around 3pm and the ship will sail by 5pm. 
But we can access to all facilities and eat all you can once you on board. 
Snack time is 1-4 pm .. eat until you vomit ... 

There is breakfast, lunch , snack , dinner and supper everyday at 2 different restaurant and you can eat all. REally fattening.....

really hungry ....
 and saw the promo for all alcohols ... damn cheap ... you can buy as many as you can but when you return to Penang custom , only 1 liquor < 1 litre and 1 pack for cigarette are allowed.

There are 2 different shops on board that are selling alcohol,  you can always survey the price before purchase.

 I tried this once before and this is really good but I didn't buy any, just help people to buy Chivas on behalf for wedding purpose.
shopping around.... spotted this watch,  2nd from the left .. I thought only 3 digits.. really doubting how can duty free can be so fucking cheap.... crazy price or this is fake
actually wrong price tag ... =.=

 there are a lots of shops on board ... wow.. SENSATION show ~~ RM 85/ RM 135 .....
 Sailing ~~ I have no sea sick but the ship was abit shaking during rough sea ... but still ok yet you expect that you will feel it ..
 Remember bring your Genting card along ! or you can get new card over the counter, I got this because I provide my card number although I didn't bring . Else your card is green color. This card for you to collect point from Casino and you can spend the point for some shopping (provided you have enough points)
 Pool deck ~~ chilling
 save water time .....take beer


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