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Sunday, September 14, 2014

I live my way (5)_BFF wedding & Hello Singapore again

September is definitely my favourite and lucky month, September baby is here #love ~

BFF was getting married in September and this was the first round we attended in Muar.

food hunting @ Muar

damn good oh jian!!!! oiishi!!!

at homestay
ready to go ~ I have special MUA lolz ... credit to @laymin

@wedding dinner with #bitchofmine ! 

popeye bahkuteh and yam rice....

next day morning after heavy breakfast, morning call to the bride
 heading to Sg , we stayed @buncradius Clarkquay
Fine dine @Singapore...thank you Dr. Lee for his generosity as host

 pork cheek
 duck confit
 pair with red wine
must not miss to hop for dessert ~ icecream ~~ yum yum

 nom nom

 I took this ... YUMMYYLISOUSS ~~~

 power of Mi3 front camera... perfect look, of course the face already perfect prior to that LOLX!

 professional tourists and posers
 look awesome but freaking hot actually, good photo takes scarification ... 
credit to the newbie freelance Sg tour guide @bryanng @esplanadesingapore
special order mooncake from Kluang !!! damn nice RM22 ... while stocks lasts and no reservation reserved
thank you eugyn!

Next station - Star Cruise (Pg-Phuket-Krabi-Pg)


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