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Sunday, August 10, 2014

I live my way (4)_HK你好野_Trapped in ShamShuiPo 6

A day in Sham Shui Po. There is an event during Fri to Sun in the month where it exhibits the lifestyle in HK, espcially those low to mid income level who stay in limited space in the apartment. The theme was "Trapped".

坚记 ... very famous !

猪手面... not available before 11am。。 we returned in the afternoon for lunch..


 tea time 
公和豆品... 好多街坊...


 both soy drink n soy pudding are good.. I had 2 glass soy drink .. so organic ...

 you wont know what is this but something edible.
they called it 鱼腐.
we thought it is soy waste.
 the production site

 historical pawn shop.

 #acting .... my strength ...
 a famous korean design bags, as seen in Korean drama.
 map of Sham Shui Po

 维记... another famous restaurant... as in the HKdrama ... 
another unforgettable foods in my list

 dessert time... it was really hot in HK ...

 broke... few more days to go...


 pass by here ... in MK ... emm :X


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