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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I live my way (4)_HK你好野_A talk to the God 4

Going to Sea Lantau, need some talk with the God.

金华波罗包。。 日日食唔嬲 .
as big as my face
 蛋牛治. not mine. I don't eat beef but this looks good

tell me where are you.
 我要去迪士尼 T_T

bought 1 way with crystal cabin a& return with normal cabin

waving to the God
 we bought lunch coupon upon arrival. There are not much options available nearby Sea Lantau.
 I would recommend if you do not have heavy meal before, you may take this course, else just take the cheapest or you may have some snacks when you are on top.
The price is slight difference for the dishes and where do you sit. 

  He said YES.

#thankgod . May the dream comes true this year.
give me M&M

 There are two different room . VIP room you can get the seat immediately without queue but generally on that day we did not see any busy queue at normal room .
 serve immediately. everything cooked and ready to serve.

 we cannot finish basically. perhaps too early or we are just too full from the breakfast.
There are many stalls outside where you can buy ala carte vegetarians foods indeed.
 leaving to Tai-O. 
super big sun on the day. Just 2 hours I got super TANNED.
 just walked to the bus station and take no. 21 bus to Tai-O.
waited for 15min..
 Tai O is a fish village, it is just like my hometown Sandakan, very similar with where I grown up. 
I used to live above the sea. #childhoodmemory

 #ilovecycling too
 need heat relief
obsess with sun shine..

赌神巧克力 #godiva best food in the world during hot day hkd45 for one @@
 dinner time.. this is quite famous as well... in MK. nearby where we stayed  

  dessert time :X
 you may see the difference from here.
but everyone met me right after I returned Msia. 
ok... I like to be a tanned girl :D


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