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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello & Welcome 2014

Here we welcome 2014, I merely recalled 2013 was being expected to be better yet it was just nice when came to the end.

2014 is definitely a very challenging year, when approaching the age of 27, the golden age of marriage and pregnancy, and fortune teller said that Rabbit is most probably going to achieve the former one, as well as gain good wealth from job.

When maturity reached, the resolution becomes more realistic. Resolution for 2014 are simple yet adventurous: gain more wealth, get into a relationship and continue to be more happy go lucky. The last one sounds lame and unambitious as me-always, because happiness is abstract and invaluable, yet it is achievable and self-determinable.Be appreciated and contented all time are important to stay happy everyday.

The past quarter was stressful and challenging, changing portfolio and holding such a position were miserable and tension to max. Rewards may not tempting yet the satisfaction was fine but I doubt how long it lasts. Hope to keep the momentum before I get to see the new territory assignment and target given in 1 week time.

2014 is a tough year to go, a lots of events and works to be held monthly with uncertainties. Can't see further and no way could return. Life curve begins, I hope I am tough enough to go through all of it.

I wanted to get myself a house by this year, my own roof.  A great commitment to be accomplish and I know I have no return.

I keep one waiting for long and the feeling is just bad, being waited and to wait are just unfair for everyone. Same to myself, no one feels bad to wait or being waited, it just unfair and timing does matter indeed. We never know when the perfect moment has finally reached.

I just want to be simple and nice.Sometimes I'm not sure what I am seeking around as well, unfortunately I could not keep this relationship continues. Just like how he wants to let me go but I still couldn't.


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