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Thursday, December 14, 2006

i will be leaving soon

lolxxxxx ~~~~~~~~~~ i will be in west msia , mostly at kl / selangor since 20.12.2006 . who wants to find me just call me ^^ i won't be able to online for that time until i come back sdk again cox there is no telephone line and i don't think i will be free to go to cyber online .. I'll be back at Feb 2007 ^.^ miss u all and hope can meet friends who in kl de .... see ya ~~ tml i am going to tawau for two days after that might go to kk b4 going to kl ~~ travel is my hobby ..yuhhuu~~~ n shopping is my ....kekkkekeke ..use so many $$$$$$$$ alr ..  will be bankrupt after 01.01.2007 many xmas sales , new year sales .. mega sales ... crazy sales .. coming soon is Chinese new year ..:~~~~~ $$$$ pls come to me .. have to work 10 partimes


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