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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

my nightmare is coming

:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ my feeling now … duno how many litres of tears I drop inside my heart now .. im just viewed my senior’s uni’slife … it is so so terrible . haih .. my another nightmare is waiting for me .. I couldn’t imagine it … y  y  y … now I reli salute those ppl who r so succeed in their life … Im so scare .. so doubt .. again lost my direction …local u ? private u ? local ? private ? haih … f6 I beh tahan oso .. uni life is another 10x terrible life .. may the f6 nightmare nv happened again . im looking forward for the good n happy life in uni .. how great is tat in my imagination ..y sudenli it broke ?? L if uni canot tahan .. how bout oversea ? damn it .. everything disappear in a second .. so sux man … any1 could tell me whether local n private uni benefits ? y so many things influencing me … altou there is time , but I dn1 at the end I made another big mistake again … oh no !!!!!!!! NEVER ! lazy to continue liao .. moody .. i wan2make my mind clear again


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