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Thursday, July 6, 2006

i rmb it ..

think for so long wat i want to write ... im back to ICQ .. lol .. but still got friends online there but some r missing .. lolx ... erm .. saw a lots of old things , texts , stufss .. many many lar .. make me think back my life in the past .. haha .. st.micheal 3a 4as1 5as1 .. wow .... but now .. i wan to share to u all wat i met in stmary and my memories in there ... 5b 5h 5m 6rs1 6as1 .. this numericals arr ... friends that i had meet in stmary ... some are intelligent , some are handsome .. some are friendly .. some are abnormal sometimes ... but conclusion .. they are friendly .. mild .. feeling no attacks or hurts to make friends with them .. im just as young as them too la... form 5 stage here too ..lolx .. but not really know all of them too .. and hope to know them too .. know him too .. know her too .. oh ya .. a guy from the form 4 too .. almost be the star of marians liao .. coz handsome lor .. lolx .. i also surprise why will i get know to him .. yeah .. this is what people called as ' fate' mah .. dont jealous lor ..hehe .. but one of thing i realized recently .. i missed out something too ..aihss. . how stupid am i .. never alert about that .. erm .. but actually i alerted of that from the 1st time i saw that people too .. but .. dont know why i almost know tat people'friends liao but i still cant get him too .. an unique human ... so this is what people called as ' yau yuen mou fan ' ?? pity nia ... 4months left .. everybody gonna say goodbye to each other... phiew ... another sad thing too .. must a lots of memories in photos or anywhr at the end of the year ^.^ ... where will we go ? still a doubt ...



()&^%@##$%^&*()&*^%!@#$%^&*)(*&^%$# my brain getting blank ...


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