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Monday, July 3, 2006


first night i am so free since school reopen ... seems like did nothing just now .. erm ... read while about maths .. did my library reports .. thats all .. really did nothing ... so .. how will be tommorrow ? hopefully still sun shining .. a very good day .. omg .. just remember again .. wednesday will having PA test .. sigh .. boring topics + many many to memorize ... i hate that .... another good news to share is i got the scholarship for preparation o local uni .. it seems just a little amount .. ya .. it is few .. but , the happy thing here is not the amount , but the chance , the lucky i got .. it is really really impossible to get .. in a school ... 1st must be bumi 2nd must be low income salary family 3rd result improve or good or distinction ..i am sure all of the chinese have to qualified 1st of all of the rule .. lolxxx ... same thing here school only me a chinese got that .. i appreaciate a lot and thank for the god who bring me this lucky thing .. but hopefully the luckier things would come to me ...


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