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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I supposed to do my sales presentation an hour ago but I spent the time with youtube, just to get a right song to express my current thoughts.

I supposed to update my Ho Chi Minh trip, the 1st oversea trip in 2013, by last weekend but I just had too many other matters. Well, I went paintball game with a group of doctors and gained a bruise on my chest.

A short break to Vietnam gave me so much inspirations and thoughts of life. I believe most of us do not actually know what do we want at this stage- graduated after 1-2 years, still in the 1st job or on board to 2nd job or going to on board on the 3rd job after graduation. I could not conclude this is a very fun trip but it gave me a good time to think about what do I want next.

I realize that actually I could live well with or without anyone and this encourages me that I can actually go working holiday alone and survive well ( alright, I survived from Ho Chi Minh so I supposed myself do not possess princess syndromes ).

Back to work, there are so many sudden changes and tasks to be completed. Although some senior colleagues do encourage me to take up the challenge but I am just not that ambitious. Or I should say that I am aggressive but lack of ambitions.

I started to obsess in my job. Sleep-work-sleep is my daily routine. I started to isolate myself from anyone after working hours, perhaps it does reduces my brain activities on other matters, it did indeed. I believe some of them realize that I rarely reply in midnight texts, I'm slacked .. but who cares ? Think about my feeling when you did the same.

I'm moving out by this month or this week, I presumed, in fact, I never know when do I really move to another place, I'm tired to know, I just move accordingly.


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