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Monday, May 5, 2008

Stmike 2nd KL gathering @ Avenue K

yeah .......we got 2nd gathering at kl .. again .. 6 batang ppl only ..we date at 7 PM AT KLCC .. but our datuk chai 7.10pm baru sampai di kl ... so ...our dinner started at around 8pm . We went to a restaurant , recommended by our kp , its .. oh no .. i dont really know its name ..haha ..let me check out the bil .. the name is SHangHAi 10 Grand in Avenue K .. so from the name , u know it is a chinese restaurant  .. and pork is serving .. we dont really order the special/jiu pai dish because ...................

kita adalah student .. no money .. hahaha .. but we ordered the top dishes such as xiu long bao and shanghai noodles lorr .. i dont have the complete photos but wil get from apple asap . emm ... what we ordered ... wat a jokes..we went thr ate chau fan only .. so pai seh .. but the fried rice not cheap nia .. small portion 2-3 pax RM16.00 , medium portion RM33.00 !! lolz ...but the RM33.00 fried rice really valuable ok ? we finished our dessert that is the mango sai mai lou , this fried rice still havent come .. si vb ejek that the beras jz started grow in shanghai ... haha.. then we saw a medium size fried rice brought by the waiter towards us .. we thought .. wow .. fried rice from shanghai coming jor .. but it passed in front of us . .haha .. but the the waiter return again .. wat ... wrong table .. no wor ... not our order .. dwiong... then we waited again ... this time .. bcoz the fried rice called golden fried rice .. i said .. shanghai rice got jor .. but emas is digging .. lolzz ..


another thing is the TEA . RM2.00 per pax .. we had six ppl .. but we ordered 3pax only . lolz.. share share ...but i don reli wan to drink .. somemore i ordered mango sml and jiande ordered fu chuk .. so RM2.oo per cup geh tea we dont need .. keke


the whole dinner cost us RM111.09 ..wat a nice figure... we ordered 2 xiu long pau , 2 fried rice , 2 dessert and 2 drinks only .. lol ..but not bad lar.. a good place for buddies making jokes.. haha ..



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