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Monday, November 21, 2011

Back from "businesS" trip & back to uni !

LAst week was my southern business trip, hopefully businesseesSsSss come shortly ..

Rush trip, did not visit to tourist spots or bought something special ...

WEnt to Melaka and Johor .. Stayed at The Zon hotel JB , facing Spore for 2 days .. It was so near to reach ..

November is going to end ... OMG ! my target ... .sigh .... ! I need work FAST ! RAPID !

Today was bad day ... hmmm ......... Yet, met people who have been long time no see~ awhh ... Miss old school time .. Met lab officers , met beloved kakak , coursemate MF, senior KL & jelin... all labs are so peace ..... Tried to visit the rest of the lecturers but none in .. dr comel ...

but Akong surprisingly texted just now for the coming birthday's dinner .. lolz !

This week again is busy week ... hopefully it worths ..... bo pi bo pi ........


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