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Friday, November 17, 2006

its comin

stpm is coming on next mon !!!! everybody seems so nervous.... y am i so relax n free here ??????hmmm... wat to nervous ? wat to rush ? wat to worry ????? i doubt ..


 i just need luckssssss + a clear mind + a 1gb brain ram + oso my great hdd


good luck everybody .... im graduted !!!!!! but the way is still long n the road is getting tougher ==" ...exam is coming to me ,  holiday im coming to you !!!!!!!!! lolz


again .. we would say goodbye to anyone in stmary , upper sains1 , upper sains2 ... this frenship not too short , not too long , maybe it is good , coz i didnt feel any sadness from there .. but f6 life was a nightmare in my life ... hope this kind of thing never bother me .. i would never wanna get in it im free from it .. the toughest memories , the worst life experiences , the most expensive life lessons , the most valueable frenship will be end at here .. im walking to my new life .. everything will be new .. so frens , we just stop at this junction , fly to your own direction .. you own your own


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