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Sunday, August 13, 2006

im back ~

phiew~~~~~~~~~~~~ take a deep breath first ... finally my trial had gone ~~ hahahaha .. stress pls .. er. ..but actually not really also geh .. coz jz randomly study what im interestiing and im very du lan with my teachers liao too .. coz they kept rush all the syllabus while we never could catch 'em up .. so . they rush i rush too .. they want done their works with this kind of ' reponsibility' thus i jz did my 'reponsibility' like this too ..  i dislike this school , ppl , management as well .. too tension .. too stress , not a good place to get knowledge . not every teachers r dedicate , although what they teach , what they did for us , they feel that tats all what they can do for us , ow our own good , but they 4got one thing , they miss a thing , we are not wanna all the knowledge from the books only , besides that , we need how to be a individual who is able to stand in the society , we should learn how to communicate with other , the way we have our experience in our life , not only those theories and concepts from books , this is what i cannot learn from my school . coming soon is our semester two final year end exam again , but i think , there will be a lots of tests , intensive weekly tests b4 final exam comes .. sigh .. this is what my schoo did  .. the tradition .. im really dissapointed with the msia education system .. so noob .. and also our new bak lah .. aihs... y arr .. i wonder who is the next prime minister and wat would happen to msia .. poorer and poorer .. argh ..  but before i could tackle with tat , i shud be able tackle with my stduy currently . 94 days left to go to stpm .. i still doubting what shud i do ? i admitted that this trial i reli didnt care much on it .. hehe .. coz it was a stpid exam .. i dont think this can reflect what would happend in my stpm .. honestly , this trial was not test for our understanding n preparation for exam , but test for how great is ur memorizing ability and ur high IQ and ur intelligence .. lolx .. 4 days to stduy all the subjects , yes , there is a human could do that , but how 'high' is the probability to find such human leh ? i doubt it . im aggresive , but i want to enjoy my life ttoo . but seniors would say no free meal in this world , if u never tatse bitter , u would never what is sweet , u should sacrifice before u succeed . yes , i know that and i accept it . but when i saw so many people suffer and get tension , i doubt there will be a better way in front of them . everything has its limit , it depends how you go through . our life is a plain paper  , it depends how we make it coulourful .. everybody hopes it will be as colourful as it can , or even better than other . but .. it is not a simple task lor .. i cannot wait for my coming long holiday , but before it comes , i have to suffer for 94 days ++ 3 weeks guar ... some people said that not really a great graduated caould earn big money , or very succeed in ife , but i dont think that never educated/ low educated could as succeed as the other . ya there are ppl did that , but how many r they ? im not looking down the other , but , we should be appreciate that nowadays we could havin education .. maybe some of them never experience thus they never how is that feeling .. this is what people called ' learn from experience ' . hence , no experience before , so we could never learn . hahahah .. but if we got the experience , we would regret what we had done .. lolx ........ tml .. 14.08.2006 , i will start my hard jobs again till tthe end of my exam !! a zA a Za fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n again .. i disconnect with here :~  but i have no regret ...  hehehe ~


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