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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

b4 & after CNY 2007

before CNY ;


i have many wishes .. i hope .. i hope .. avthing is getting better , av new things r coming to me ..


during cny ;


frens & classmates were coming back ... it seems crowded .. but it seems upset ..the feeling  was so complicated ..



sooner & later .. frens & classmates were gone one by one ..while there is still people coming back .. i felt weird ..i doubted these ppl will i see again next year ? next 2 years ?? i donno .. but i wish when we meet again , the frenship is still da same .. it still close


25/02/2007 sunday , 2 classmates were leaving .. 1 went to kk , 1 went to kl .,


24/02/2007 saturday , 1 classmate was back , i'd been long time didnt see him but we stil kept contact .. he changed a lot .. but the frenship is still the same .. compared to other frens who back frequent or meet often  , we r more close n talktative , what theory is this ? i wonder .. it is so miracle  .. or this is wat we called as fate ?


27/02/2007 tuesday , today another classmate is leaving soon .. going back to sdyney , this one i oso see him once a year , but do owez contact in msn


01/03/2007 , another fren is leaving


03/03/2007 , he is leaving


04/03/2007 , the two sista r leaving


avbody is leaving , im still here , i never think to leave here , not bcuz i have no high aim , but i wan2 appreciate avthing i got here b4 i realized tat im losing it ..the happiness , the sadness , they joy , the tears..soon i n the others buddies who get result soon will leave here too .. n there is where we have to separate n start our journey



however .. im still doubting where im going to .. where is my junction .. i dont even see my way .. directionless


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